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Dinner, Autumn 2017 —

Coursing Options:

3 for $40, 4 for $50, 5 for $60
Per Person Pricing
Choose any items


*Albacore - pear tomatoes, cucumber, citrus $12
*Yellowtail - controne, bottarga, iitois  $14
*Ahi - horseradish, pistachio  $14
Abalone - melon, dill $20/$8
*Uni - avocado, shallot  $18/$6 limited availablity
*Seabass - olives, salsa delle erbe, pangratto $16
Market Salad  $12
Burrata - pancetta vinaigrette, arugula  $13
Ricotta - walnut pesto, desert honey  $10
Burricotta - roasted pear tomatoes, herbs  $12
Straciatella - battuto, hazelnut, radicchio  $12
Bone Marrow- mushrooms, shallots $19/$7


Gnocchi - cauliflower, tuna heart, pistachio $16
Risotto - sea urchin, mussels, clams, Bianco tomatoes $18
add piece of uni $4 limited availability
Semolina Gnocchi - lamb neck sugo, caccio e pepe  $18
Gargati - two wash guinea fowl arrosto, quark  $22


Kauai Shrimp - squid, chard, cannellini, salsa verde  $20
Lamb Belly - milk gravy, root vegetable, fennel pollen  $20
Brisket - fingerlings, radicchio, collatura  $20 / add bone marrow $5
Pork Belly - smoked tomato agrodolce, polenta  $20
Market Fish Livornese - soffrito, summer squash $20
Whole Roasted Pigs Head for Table with Accompaniments - 72 hr. notice $100
Whole Fish Collar With Grilled Side - 72 hr. notice $60



Crispy Pig Ears  $7
Smoked Olives  $5
Grana Spread  $5
Grilled Beets with Whipped Goat Cheese  $8
Chicken Heart Spiedini  $10
Buy a glass of wine for the kitchen  $2

*This item may be served raw or undercooked.  Consuming raw or uncooked meat, egg or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness. 


Tiramisu of the day - a rotating, seasonal take on an Italian classic

Blueberry & Goat Cheese Crostada- Blueberry Compote, Streusel Crumble

Chocolate Ricotta Cake - Salted Caramel Sauce, White Coffee Ice Cream, Salted Chocolate Toffee Crunch

Desserts created exclusively for Crudo by Tracy Dempsey Originals

Ask about Chef Cullen's Feature Dish
& Polenta Board Wednesdays

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Cocktails —

Violet Femmes
Commerce gin, cucumber, violet, lime, sparkling wine $12

Pearsuit of Happiness
Platinum vodka, averna amaro, spiced pear, lemon, seltzer $12

Heaven Beside You
La Caraveda Pisco, aperol, grapefruit, lime, basil $11

Ramble On
Mission vodka, banana, blackberry, ginger, lime, $11

Sky's the Limit
Appleton signature rum, drambuie, lime, pineapple, coconut $12

Arrete silver tequila, cranberry, lime, vanilla, apricot, star anise $12

Beets, Rhymes & Life
Nolet's Gin, lillet Rose, raspberry, beet, lime, seltzer $11

Green Eyed Lady
Pistachio gin, chartreuse, maraschino, lemon, aquafaba $13

Small Time Crooks
Commerce gin, lemon & caper infused vermouth $12

Banks 7 Island Rum, Yellow Chartreuse, Caskwerks Apple Pie, Oloroso Sherry $12

No Name
Four Roses bourbon, montenegro, bonal, allspice, $12

Strange Brew
Azunia tequila, mezcal, campari, pineapple, coffee $12


Model Tea
Maison Rogue VSOP cognac, apricot, lemon, cherry rose tea $11

Rebel's Son

Old Overholt rye, cardamaro, rosemary, lemon, elderflower $12

Rye the Way
Rittenhouse rye, chichicapa mezcal, benedictine, doline blanc, Más Mole Bitters $13

Shot in the Arm
Maker’s Mark bourbon, borsci amaro, passion fruit, lemon, grapefruit, chocolate bitters $11

Just the Snip
Don Q and Sun liquor rum blend, lemon, cinnamon, parsnip $12

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