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Micah Olson

Head Mixologist/Co-Owner, Crudo & Bar Crudo

The award-winning mixologist and certified sommelier, Micah Olson was born in sunny Anaheim, CA, but raised in chilly South Dakota. So it only makes sense that he’d choose to live, work, and play in sun-drenched Phoenix, AZ where he’s made his mark as head barman and co-owner of the popular restaurant and adjacent lounge, Crudo and Bar Crudo. Here, Olson’s won rave reviews, including being named The Arizona Republic’s Critic’s Pick for “Best Cocktail Bar”, for his innovative, ever-changing menu of both classic and modern cocktails that pair perfectly with Crudo’s renowned food program. Prior to joining Crudo, Olson manned the bars at prestigious posts including Merc Bar and Jade Bar at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort, where he was the resident sommelier for close to a decade. In fact, Olson says his background in wine was actually instrumental in his transition to a cocktail expert. “Sommeliers and mixologists are actually a lot closer in nature than most people think – you analyze and taste spirits in almost the same way and also need to do lots of research to keep up with the changing trends.”

That said Olson’s refined and progressive cocktail menu is brimming with farm-fresh and from-scratch ingredients, house-made syrups and house-infused spirits. When he’s not working, Olson, who lives in Chandler, AZ, indulges in his dual passions of classic rock music and sushi. In fact, he says, “If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Jimi Hendrix. Hopefully he likes sushi because that’s what we are having.”