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Crudo (Raw)

*Albacore - Pomegranate, Tonnato $12

*Yellowtail - Controne, Bottarga, Chive $12

*Butterfish - Tomato, Lardo, Arugula $12

*Ahi - Pistachio, Horeseradish $14

Farmer - Local Veggie, House Made Vinaigrette $12

Mozza (Cheese)

Burrata- Pancetta Vinaigrette, Arugula $10

Ricotta-Walnut Sauce, Honey $10

Burricotta- Preserved Lemon, Salsa Verde, Controne $12

Grilled Mozzarella- Tomatoes, Dates, Balsamic $10

Fresh Mozzarella- Bacon Relish, Caramelized Onion $10

Cotto (Cooked)

Gnocchetti – Rapini, Charred Onion, Grana Sugo $16

Risotto- Squid Ink, Chilies, Tuna, Tomato $16

Semolina Gnocchi- Lamb Neck,Truffle, Cacio e Pepe, Fig $18

Cavatelli- Braised Hen, Pullet Egg, Smoked Ricotta $18

Market Fish –Santa Barbara Mussels, N’Duja Tomato Fennel Broth $20

Griglia (Grilled)

Squid – Nardello Peppers, Cannellini, Salsa Verde  $17

Lamb Belly- Milk Braised, Broccolini, Fennel Pollen $20

Brisket- Fingerlings, Raddichio, Collatura $18

Add Bone Marrow $5

Pork Belly- Smoked Tomato Agrodolce, Polenta $18

Ask About Chef Cullen’s Feature Dish

Dolce $10

By Tracy Dempsey Originals

Crostada Apricot Jam, Goat Cheese, Pistachio Gelato, Pistachio Streusel, Caramel Panna Cotta Vanilla, Campari Gelee, Strawberry, Rhubarb White Chocolate Milano Chocolate Cake Roasted Almond Caramel, Chicory Gelato



Crispy Pig Ears $7

Smoked Olives (HAVE PITS) $5

Grana Spread $5

Olive Oil Whipped Goat Cheese and Grilled Beets $8

Whole Roasted Pig Head for Table with Accompaniments 72 hour Notice $100

Coursing Options

3 for $35, 4 for $45, 5 for $55
– Choose ANY items –

Menu subject to change. *Contains Raw Ingredients.
Consuming Raw or uncooked meats and seafood may increase risk of foodborne illness.