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Sunday Brunch Menu 10a – 2p  Download Brunch Menu


*Potato Croquettes with Poached Eggs, Crispy Pork and Hollandaise

*Bacon Risotto with Sunny Side Eggs

*Brisket and Beet Hash with 63 degree Eggs

Spinach and Iitois Scramble with Cream Fraichè and Avocado Toast

Crespelle, Romesco, Burricota, Sunny Side Up Eggs

To Start, $6

Jars served with 2 pcs grilled bread

*Chefs Crudo, Beets, Horseradish and Iitois

*Soft Boiled Egg, Sausage and Truffle

Ricotta with House made Topping

Bacon, Avocado, Tomato and Fossil Creek Chevre

Bread Pudding and Preserves

Sides to Add

Grilled Bread $2

One French Toast $4

3 Pcs Bacon $5

One Egg Any Style $2

Pan Fried Potatoes $5

Not Eggs

Country Loaf French Toast with Streusel and Berries

Buttermilk Pancakes with Cheddar and Apple Jam

Meatloaf Burger with Tomato Agrodolce, Tomato and Arugula (add egg add’l)

Pork Belly Poutine with Fingerlings, Gravy and Fonduta

BLT- Grilled Bacon, Oven Dried Tomatoes, Arugula


Fresh Squeezed OJ or Grapefruit Juice


Ice tea

Bottle H2O still or sparkling

Cocktails available!

Menu subject to change. *Contains Raw Ingredients.
Consuming Raw or uncooked meats and seafood may increase risk of foodborne illness.